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Simply Teach

Sep 29, 2020

Teachers are leaders and leaders are readers! I think, as teachers, it is so important we read. Not only to model to our students but also to grow our own understanding of things outside of "our" world.

Today I am sharing some of my top books of 2020 and all time. These books have brought me joy and they have challenged...

Sep 22, 2020

When I started out in the classroom, I didn't have a good handle on work-life balance. In fact, when I left the classroom in 2018 to move abroad I have up more than 20 days of paid leave. That's why I am so passionate about talking with people about work-life balance for teachers. It is crucial educators have a plan in...

Sep 18, 2020

This episode is a quick update on all things TSOT and Simply Teach. Links mentioned in the update: 

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Read the update here (same info in podcast, just in word...