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Simply Teach

Oct 23, 2018

Ashley is the founder of We Teach Joy- a Non Profit Organization aimed at encouraging teachers of faith. We talk about how to love our students like Jesus does, verses we can use to encourage ourselves, and ways to practice self care

Oct 16, 2018

It is critical that we practice self care as teachers. In today's episode I share with you 10 practical routines you can implement into your day to help you manage your time more effectively. We also talk about fun ways to practice self care as a teacher.

Oct 9, 2018

Julie is the Writing Queen and I know you are going to get SO many ideas from our conversation. Julie walks us through her process of becoming incredibly passionate about teaching writing. She also talks us through the Writing Workshop process.

Oct 2, 2018

Our students have a lot to keep up with, and their papers can get so disorganized and overwhelming. These steps will walk you through how to organize routines to manage all their paperwork.